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Banned / Blocked From ... (BB List)

The following is a list of sites and forums that unjustifiably ban and/or block users from engaging in discussions and making comments on the site. Links to the sites will be added once BanBlock is ready to go live.

Links will be removed:
  • If it is shown that the banned commentor has misrepresented the reason for the ban or block.
  • If the site reinstates an unjustifiably banned/blocked commentor's access and posts.

Links will be added:
  • Per reports by banned commentors who have been subjected to unjustifiable censorship or forum gang activity.

  1. Doubtful News / a 'skeptics' site
  2. Jon Rapoport / an 'opinions' site
  3. Physics Forums / a 'science' site
  4. Raw Story / a 'news' site
  5. ReactorBreach / a 'conspiracy' site
  6. Red State / a 'political' site
  7. Richard Dawkins Foundation (RDFRS) / a 'science' site
  8. SIGforum / a 'weapons' site
  9. The GateWay Pundit / a 'news' site