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  • Terrorism: Paris - Charlie Hebdo Event - 2015.01.07


    Analyzing the point of view (POV) of the camera used by 'Willow' or 'Bossa Nova' videographer.
    We are not sure why the video is called 'Willow' although some media has called it that.
    The term 'Bossa Nova' is applied because of the music being played in the background.
    The intent is not to identify this person or where they live.
    The intent is to determine the angle and distance from the camera to the crime scene.

    The building is at:
    58 Boulevard Richard Lenoir
    Paris, France 75011

    Here's the video. Charlie Hebdo - New Video - *False Flag*.

    Street location alignment to the park cross-walk

    The red line uses the park cross-walk and car crash as reference points to point to the street location of the videographer.
    This would put the videographer's building at 58 Boulevard Richard Lenoir.

    Image from 'Willow' video: Charlie Hebdo - New Video - *False Flag*.
    Videographer unknown.
    Original image by Christian Hartmann/Reuters. Click for full sized image.

    Floor alignment to the street light and railing

    The red line uses the street light and railing design as a reference to point to the story in the building from where the video was taken.
    This would put the window on the third floor, but which window?

    Images are a composite of Google Street view and the 'Willow' video.

    Balcony alignment to the railing, street lights, trees and cross-walk

    Image is a composit of Google Street View and the 'Willow/Bossa Nova' video: Charlie Hebdo - New Video - *False Flag*.

    Which window?
    Image by Google Street View.