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  • Terrorism: Paris - Charlie Hebdo Event - 2015.01.07


    Some who contend that officer Merabet was not shot say that he released a smoke bomb from his left hand to simulate the round hitting the sidewalk.

    On the left is the original frame from the Jordi Mir video without enhancement and with enhancement. It's clear that the smoke or debris appearing on the sidewalk does not extend from the left hand. No smoke bomb was released by officer Merabet.

    On the right is a frame from a YouTube video being referenced by some that endorses the smoke bomb idea. Notice the pixilation in the frame on the right and the smear of the smoke from the sidewalk impact to the left hand. This shows photo manipulation.

    Images taken from the Jordi Mir video.

    Comparing a cropped and zoomed version of frame 12,20 from the Jordi Mir video
    = Left (YouTube version uploaded by Lucio Despina)
    = Right (SendSpace PTSB version)
    Note the pixilation of Merabet's chest in the SendSpace PTSB version on the right.
    What is being hidden by this pixilation?
    Images taken from different versions of the Jordi Mir video.