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Terrorism: Paris - Charlie Hebdo Event - 2015.01.07


Our deepest condolences to those who lost someone in the Charlie Hebdo event. Condolences are especially extended to the family of Paris police officer Ahmed Merabet whose apparent execution will be the focus of the these few pages. The intention is not to sensationalize his death or exploit it in any way. The intention is to show, as long as the facts support it, that officer Merabet was indeed executed and that he was not an actor in some hoax as is being promoted by many.
  • "Police have named 42-year-old Muslim policeman Ahmed Merabet as one of the two officers killed in Wednesday’s attack on a satirical magazine in Paris."
    -- "Ahmed Merabet, Cop Killed In Paris Attacks, Was Muslim" by the Daily Caller.

    No event such as this which becomes global news is as simple as the official narratives and mainstream reporting would have us believe. We live in a time of frequent nation-state false flags along with authentic acts of terrorism and criminal mass killings. Attempting to sort out which is a time consuming task.

    There is also a mixture of these motivations in many of these events which makes the job even more difficult. Those who wish to have a simple answer -- a black and white answer -- invariably will miss the mark when attempting to assess the blame.

    The simple truth is that many players and forces wish to exploit an event like this to their advantage and to their whims if they have no actual agenda beyond their self-indulgence in the matter.
    "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."
    -- Rahm Emanuel


    Items of evidence include:


      This video was taken from 62 Boulevard Richard Lenoir on the fourth floor of the Studios Paris Appartement The Green House.

      • Jordi Mir video on YouTube: Jan-7-2015 Charlie Hebdo Shooting: 12 Killed at Magazine That Ran Muhammad Cartoons

        This version of the Jordi Mir video was uploaded to YouTube by Lucio Despina on January 7, 2015 and downloaded for analysis on the same day.

        Original video title: "Jan-7-2015 Charlie Hebdo Shooting: 12 Killed at Magazine That Ran Muhammad Cartoons"
        Original video URL:

        This version of the Jordi Mir video is the only version discussed here that is not obviously tampered with. It has been zoomed in (cropped), but otherwise is free of modification as yet identified. Other versions from other sources have obvious digital modifications and obfuscations.

        While the version above will be used on this site for our analysis, it is important to keep in mind that the original Jordi Mir video as taken by his camera is not yet available and may never be. All versions of the video available so far have been modified to some extent. The Despina version has been zoomed/cropped. The LiveLeak and SendSpace versions have been digitally modified and obfuscated.

        Unless otherwise noted, all graphics, examples, gifs, frames and discussions regarding the Jordi Mir video will pertain to the version above.

      • Jordi Mir video on LiveLeak: Terrorists shoot officer in Paris during terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo


      • Article: Witness regrets 'stupid' decision to publish film of Paris policeman's murder / The Guardian
        From the article, "Jordi Mir, who filmed and witnessed Ahmed Merabet’s death outside the Charlie Hebdo offices, says a decade of social networking had trained him to share whatever he saw."
      • Tweet / "To all the journalists , if you want to stream my video #CharlieHebdo , thank you to think of the victims , it is free of rights"
      • Twitter: Jordi Mir Twitter
      • Website: mirPod
      • blog: Blog de Jordi Mir

      • Image from the Jordi Mir video.
        Officer Merabet's last moments.

        = Mir was alone in his flat.
        = Mir hears gunshots.
        = Mir goes to the window and starts filming.
        = Mir didn't know what he was filming at first.
        "... Mir didn’t even know what he was filming at first. Drawn to his window when the sound of gunshots interrupted his emailing, he initially thought there was a bank robbery in progress.

        "When he spotted the rifle-wielding men in black walking down the street, he assumed they were SWAT police going to help a stricken comrade. "And horror they’re not," Mir said."

        -- Quotes from the Guardian article, "Witness regrets 'stupid' decision to publish film of Paris policeman's murder," January 12, 2015
        = Police arrived at the scene.
        = Mir downloaded the video to his computer [from his camera] and then to a removable disk.
        = Mir gave the disk to the officers.
        = Then he uploaded the video to Facebook.
        = Mir left the video on Facebook for as litle as 15 minutes before taking it down.
        = It was being broadcast less than an hour after removing the video from Facebook.
        = Mir refused to sell the footage.
        = Mir wanted media to blur Merabet's image before distributing it.
        = Merabet's brother, Malek, recognized Ahmed's voice on the video.

        -- Timeline and sequence of events derived from the Guardian article, "Witness regrets 'stupid' decision to publish film of Paris policeman's murder," January 12, 2015

      COMMENT: The public MUST record in pictures and video all of these events and share them quickly so that others might be able to begin to analyze for themselves what events have taken place before the actual video and pictoral record has been censored / obfuscated. A free society cannot rely upon a single source of state or group promulgated official versions (narratives) of the story.

      Thank you, Mr. Mir, for having the courage and presence of mind to take this video in the first place. And thank you for sharing this very important video before it could be censored by the mainstream media. The memory of officer Ahmed Merabet is well served by allowing the world to see what events actually took place in Paris on January 7, 2015.


      The person who took this video has not been identifed. It was taken on the same side of Boulevard Richard Lenoir as the Jordi Mir video and in the direction of the legallais shop which is to the south of the location of the Jordi Mir video -- possibly somewhere around 58 Boulevard Richard Lenoir.
      Image from 'Willow' video
      An officer points his handgun towards the officer Merabet crime scene.
      Crashed police car in background at the intersection
      of Allee Verte and Boulevard Richard Lenoir.
      This crash is captured on the 'Polish' video.
      Image from 'Willow' video
      Officer Merabet after being shot.

      'POLISH' (Janek) VIDEO

      This video was taken on Allee Verte looking towards its intersection with Boulevard Richard Lenoir.
      • 'Polish' video on LiveLeak: New Footage Of Charlie Hebdo Gun Attack Fresh video emerges of the masked killers
      • The image below is not from the 'Polish' video, but is a still taken by an unnamed eye-witness and distributed by journalist Anne Gelbard Agence France-Presse. The photo captures not only the shooters engaging the police car on Allee Verte looking towards Boulevard Richard Lenior but also captures the videographer who took the 'Polish' video from atop the building across from the offices of Charlie Hebdo. The Polish videographer has been tentatively identified by the name Janek. See the Panzama article excerpt below.

      • Photographer anonymous; distributed by journalist Anne Gelbard Agence France-Presse
        Click here for full sized image.

          Related video and articles:
        • video: Charlie Hebdo attack: eyewitness describes terror of Paris shooting
        • article: Charlie Hebdo attack: eyewitness describes terror of Paris shooting
          French journalist Laure Bretton says she heard '20 to 30 shots and saw people running' as hooded gunmen attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France
        • "Looking for Janek

          "As for the blurry man in the Boudot video, he has vanished without a trace after delivering his own pictures to Reuters.

          "Questioned by Panamza, his employers have refused to divulge the identity of this individual, who is supposedly a Polish worker, present that day on a work site - in this case, the roof of a building located just in front of 10, rue Nicolas Appert.

          "The first to be questioned was David Dahan, the boss of the company initially in charge of the work. Just after beginning our exchange, when I mentioned the name of this worker - "Janek" - the phone call was abruptly terminated. Called back, Dahan let me know - without further explanation - that he was no longer involved in the project. He offered to put me in touch with "M. Geoffroy," the building owner - who turned out to be as voluble as Dohan had been taciturn. Geoffroy launched an indignant tirade about Janek, who had been "forcibly expelled" from the worksite for selling a video filmed while on the job. The two men are no longer in contact."

          The quote is translated from:
          Attentat à Charlie Hebdo : la vidéo " amateur " était falsifiée
          INFO PANAMZA. Découvrez comment -et pourquoi- les premières images de l'attentat de Charlie Hebdo ont été délibérément altérées.
          February 8, 2015
          PANAMZA source: here.

          Translated Headline ...
          Attack on Charlie Hebdo: Video "amateur" was falsified
          INFO PANAMZA. Find out how -and why- the first images of the attack Charlie Hebdo were deliberately altered.

          Translated by Kevin Barrett.
          Find the translated version here.



      Google Maps

      Rue Gaby Sylvia video
      Videographer unknown. Filmed on Rue Gaby Sylvia looking east towards the Boulevard Richard Lenoir south bound lane.

      • shooting: Rue Gaby Sylvia video_1: MAN TAKES COVER FROM GUNFIRE IN PARIS ATTACK / NewsFlare
        Rue Gaby Sylvia videographer unknown
      • shooting: Rue Gaby Sylvia video_2: ATTENTAT PARIS / NewsFlare
        Rue Gaby Sylvia videographer unknown.
        "A voice is shouting to the cops ..."
        "De l'autre côté, de l'autre côté."
        "This means the other side (of the park). So the cops change ... direction. Could be that is Ahmed Merabet."
        -- translation by sagfed

      • shooting location unknown: GUNFIRE IN PARIS INTERNAL / NewsFlare
        Videographer unknown. Is this the beginning of the Rue Gaby Sylvia video?



      Bullet holes in legallais shop window