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  • Terrorism: Paris - Charlie Hebdo Event - 2015.01.07


    • Paris policeman’s brother: ‘Islam is a religion of love. My brother was killed by terrorists, by false Muslims’
      Emma Graham-Harrison
      Saturday 10 January 2015

      "Ahmed Merabet was the first police officer at the scene of the Charlie Hebdo attack."

      "... Merabet’s death was captured in a graphic video, as he was wounded by one of the two attackers and then shot in the head in cold blood. He is shot in the groin, then falls to the pavement groaning in pain and holding up an arm as though to protect himself.

      "The second gunman moves forward and asks the policeman: “Do you want to kill us?” Merabet replies: “No, it’s OK mate,” but the terrorist then shoots him in the head.

      "... Merabet was called to the scene of the attack while on a bicycle patrol and arrived just as the killers were making their escape. They stopped to add him to the long list of victims.

      “He was on foot, and came nose to nose with the terrorists. He pulled out his weapon. It was his job, it was his duty,” said Rocco Contento, a colleague who was a union representative at the central police station for Paris’s 11th arrondissement, where Merabet was based."
    • #JeSuisAhmed honors slain police officer
      By Jethro Mullen CNN
      POSTED: Jan 09, 2015

      'It was his job, it was his duty'

      Even before Merabet's name and background became public, many people knew how he died because of a widely circulated video from Wednesday's attack.

      He was on patrol near the Charlie Hebdo offices when the attackers burst out.

      "He was on foot, and came nose to nose with the terrorists. He pulled out his weapon. It was his job, it was his duty," Rocco Contento, a police union representative, told the Guardian.

      The video from the scene shows Merabet twisting in pain on the ground after already being shot once. As the gunmen move toward him, he raises his hands, indicating surrender.

      French media reported that one of the gunmen asked the wounded officer, "Do you want to kill us?"

      Merabet is heard in the video crying out, "No! It's OK, boss."

      That's when one of the gunmen shoots him at point blank range in the head.