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  • Terrorism: Paris - Charlie Hebdo Event - 2015.01.07


    Images from a video by Jordi Mir

    Some people say that the shoot out scene above was filmed in multiple takes and that the car and the shoe seen below have been repositioned on top of tape placed to correctly position the vehicle and shoe between takes.

    The red line has been added to see if the car has moved relative to the dashed street lines on the right of each screen grab. The screen grab on the left is when the terrorists have exited the car at the beginning of the video. The screen grab on the right is at the end of the video when they are about to reenter the car.

    Note the position of the shoe, the car doors (ajar) and the car parked to the right of the dashed street lines.

    What do you think? Has the get-away car been moved between takes and repositioned? If you answer 'yes,' what is your evidence?