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    Image by AFP
    Coerced support for Charlie at AFP.
    Be Charlie or be unemployed.
    Who printed up all these signs so quickly?
    Image by EPA.
    Coerced crying in North Korea.
    Cry or die over the death of Kim Jong Il.
    sagfed says from France,
    "The video ( is not available in France, it is still there? I will try to download it from another European country today ..."

    France and other European countries are cracking down on free speech at the same time that they hail the publication Charlie Hebdo as an expression of free speech. Questioning the highly disputed official and culturally produced 'facts' surrounding the holocaust is landing people in jail. Questioning the historical and philosophical legitamacy of the political state of Israel and of its political policies which affect the entire Middle East region lands people in jail and/or earns them the stigma of being called antisemitic by the state and state-favored groups.

    Free Speech and independent thought are under attack from all quarters including the government, groups and other individuals in France including its public schools.

    The public school system in France is debating how to silence students from declaring openly the hypocracy of France that declares on one hand that the cartoons in the publication Charlie Hebdo is about free speech when on the other hand the students are not allowed to point out that criticism of Jews, Judaism and Israel along with homosexulity is met with heavy, state-sanctioned penalties.

    Image by LCP from the video: Najat Vallaud-Belkacem : "L'école est en première ligne, elle sera ferme"
    French Minister of National Education, Ms. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem,
    testifying before the French National Assembly.

    Public Education is actually Government Re-education / Indoctrination. French Minister of National Education, Ms. Vallaud-Belkacem, is actually the director of France's national re-education / indoctrination program. In the video testimony above, she bemoans the fact that people have different points of view and different opinions. She finds it 'unbearable' to hear opinions expressed that do not conform to the group think France is attempting to impose upon its citizens. Ms. Vallaud-Belkacem is especially troubled to hear these different opinions expressed within the walls of her kingdom -- France's public 'school' system (re-education / indoctrination system).

    Najat Vallaud-Belkacem : "L'école est en première ligne, elle sera ferme"
    TRANSLATED: Najat Vallaud-Belkacem "The school is in the front line, it will be closed"

    by LCP
    Publication date : 01/14/2015

    Ms. Vallaud-Belkacem says,
    "Ça ne s’est pas toujours bien passé" a reconnu Najat Vallaud-Belkacem en répondant à une question du député UMP Claude Goasguen mercredi à propos des incidents qui ont eu lieu dans certains établissements après les attentats de la semaine dernière. "Aucun d’entre eux ne sera pris à la légère" a assuré la ministre de l’Éducation nationale qui donne les chiffres qui lui ont été transmis : "s’agissant de la minute de silence une centaine d’incidents qui nous ont été remontés". Les jours qui ont suivi "une nouvelle centaine d’événements nous ont été remontés" dont une quarantaine ont été transmis aux services de police et gendarmerie car il s’agissait d’apologie du terrorisme explique la ministre qui "mobilise l’ensemble de la communauté éducative pour répondre par des actes forts"."

    ===== Translated by Google Translate =====

    "It has not always gone well" recognized Najat Vallaud-Belkacem responding to a question from UMP deputy Claude Goasguen Wednesday in the incidents that took place in some schools after the attacks last week. "None of them will not be taken lightly," assured the Minister of Education that gives the numbers that have been transmitted to him, "in terms of the minute of silence a hundred incidents were we reassembled. "The days that followed "a new hundred events have been raised us" which forty were sent to the police and gendarmerie because it was condoning terrorism explains the minister who "mobilizes all the educational community to meet with strong actions." "There were too many questions."

    "Même là où il n'y a pas eu d'incidents il y a eu de trop nombreux questionnements de la part des élèves. Nous avons tous entendu les trop nombreux :'Oui, je soutiens Charlie, mais ... Deux poids, deux mesures, pourquoi défendre la liberté d'expression ici et pas là.' Ces questions nous sont insupportables, surtout lorsqu'on les entend à l'école ..."

    ===== Translated by 'frenchie' =====

    "Even where there were no incidents there were too many questions from the students. We've all heard too many, 'Yes, I support Charlie, but ... Two weights, two measures, why defend freedom of expression here and not there.' These questions are for us unbearable, especially when heard in school ..."
    It is the same in the United States. Government and its lap-dog groups fight against school choice and home schooling for two primary reasons:
    1. In these environments, the government loses a large part of its ability to re-educate / indoctrinate the young developing minds.
    2. People (citizens) cannot be allowed to be independent in thought and action. Everyone must conform and submit to government control by sending their children to the government indoctrination and re-education centers (public schools). Forcing conformity upon the populous is obedience training for the herd so that the populous learns to submit to its masters. How does it feel to be trained as a dog?
    It's clear that France is declaring an all-out war against free speech. France is using its legal and social cattle prods and shock collars on it people to train them to submit and obey as a herd of cattle and as domestic dogs. France along with other nations are going to extreme measures to condition people to speak nothing but the officially sanctioned talking points. This is one of the exploits of the Charlie Hebdo event, regardless of whether it was a false flag or an authentic act of revenge.


    "... the teacher sent him [a second grade boy] to the principal, who was in the class next door, and who asked him three times in front of the whole class, 'Are you Charlie?'"

    "... the school principal lodged two complaints with police, one against the child for 'defending terrorism,' and another against the child's father for trespassing."

    -- French Police Question 8-Year-Old on Suspicion of 'Defending Terrorism', By Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 28 January 2015
    This mere child should be a national hero for standing up for his individual liberty to speak and think and have opinions that clash with official government proclamations, but instead the child is treated as a thought criminal and this will not go unpunished by the tyranny overtaking France and the western world.

    frenchie said:

    "Is Charlie Hebdo the new state religion in France? A philosophy teacher, Jean-François Chazeran, is on administrative leave for 4 months. After that, he could face termination, or worse. His crime, to have launched a broad debate about terrorism in his classrooms instead of a dumb minute of silence. Thinking is now officially bad in France, but helping students to think by themselves is worse. You can lose your job, you can be sued for 'terrorism apology' if, as a teacher, you don't embrace the new Charlie Hebdo religion."
    "Je suis sonné, je m'attendais à tout sauf à ça... Je n'étais pas à la minute de silence... J'ai organisé des débats avec mes six classes de terminale. Le but était de comprendre les causes du terrorisme en sortant autant que possible de la passion et de l'émotion du moment".
    -- Prof. Jean-François Chazeran

    Translation :

    "I'm stunned, I was expecting anything but that ... I didn't participate to the minute of silence ... Instead, I held discussions with my six 12th grade classes. The goal was to understand underlying causes for terrorism with the least possible passion and emotion. "
    -- Prof. Jean-François Chazeran

    "The public attorney opened a lawsuit against the teacher. He can be sentenced to 5 years in prison and a fine of 75 000 €."

    Source : Prof suspendu : enquête pour apologie du terrorisme, La Nouvelle Republique France (translated: Suspended Prof: investigation advocating terrorism), 2015.01.27
    It's good to see these examples being shown to the world, because it offends common sense. A blind man can see the injustice, but a biased man while seeing it will agree with it. These policies against free speech do not happen on their own. People construct them, agree upon them, implement them and enforce them. What does this tell us? This war for liberty is not the people against tyrannical government. The war for independence and liberty is between people.


    But beyond tyranny imposed by governments and groups is self-imposed tyranny. It is easily observed that most humans are predisposed to conformity. The need to belong to a group in combination with a lack of individual courage and the ability to think independently cause most people to conform to official truths, peer pressure and group think even after they leave school (re-education program).

    Pressure to conform is also easily seen in the work place especially among those who are permanent employees. This is commonly called office or corporate politics but even disciplines are not immune. Consider how even the discipline of science has been compromised, corrupted and politicized over the centuries. Even Copernicus wondered in writing if he should publish his findings that Earth circled the Sun.
    "... for a long time I was in great difficulty as to whether I should bring to light my commentaries written to demonstrate the Earth’s movement, or whether it would not be better to follow the example of the Pythagoreans and certain others who used to hand down the mysteries of their philosophy not in writing but by word of mouth and only to their relatives and friends ...

    "... when I weighed these things in my mind, the scorn which I had to fear on account of the newness and absurdity of my opinion almost drove me to abandon a work already undertaken.

    "... But my friends made me change my course in spite of my long-continued hesitation and even resistance ... and ... spurred me on by added reproaches into publishing this book and letting come to light a work which I had kept hidden among my things ... for almost four times nine years."
    -- Nicholas Copernicus, The Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, Published 1543
    Pressure to conform is not limited to the heavy hand of government and disciplines. We also see on the Internet how web sites taking comments to news articles and private forums tend towards bias and group think. Moderation becomes the heavy hand of censorship -- imposing a bias upon the comments and discussions. Observe how the words 'troll' and 'shill' are used to tag commentators whose opinions run counter to the dominate group think of a news site comments sections or a private forum.

    So group think runs rampant in society - all the way from government to the grass roots. Conformists will have no difficulty conforming to group think while independent thinkers will always feel challenged and threatened by group think.

    What we are seeing occur in France now as an exploitation of the Charlie Hebdo event is a lesson to the whole world and a definite wakeup call to the citizens of France who value their liberty and freedoms as natural rights. It also demonstrates that whether your are French, Canadian, British, German or American -- we are all in this fight for natural rights together. We must remember that we are stronger together than we are if we are divided by false nationalistic and cultural wedges when it comes to defending the commonality of our natural rights and dignities.

    Those who choose to push against the boulder will feel its weight.
    "The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it."
    - John Jay, 1872, (1745-1829) Governor of New York (1795 - 1801), United States Secretary of State (1789 - 1790), President of the Continental Congress, first US Supreme Court Justice

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      "... Not About “Free Speech” With these facts in mind, it is clear that “free speech” is a canard used by both the “left” and “right” to distract from the real purpose of the Garland shooting, and other acts of provocation like it. It distracts from the fact that all of the perpetrators have been well-known to security agencies for years, even sentenced and/or imprisoned by various courts, as well as investigated and kept under surveillance. It distracts from the fact that the event at the center of the attacks was organized and carried out by those who themselves have actively sought to curtail the freedoms of others, not to mention foster wars that have ended or otherwise destroyed the lives of millions. It distracts from the fact that the very Neo-Cons telling the world to fear “Islam” represent the same special interests arming and funding literal Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists across North Africa, the Middle East, and even Central and East Asia.

      "The AFDI represents one insidious arm of a larger criminal conspiracy that has verifiably helped end the lives of tens of thousands in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and Yemen since 2011. It also represents the same special interests that lied to the world to justify invading Iraq in 2003, ending the lives of some 1 million people and leaving the country, to this very day, in constant deadly chaos.

      "The Garland shooting is not about freedom of speech, but rather about criminal special interests playing both sides of a manufactured strategy of tension to achieve further bloodshed, death, and conquest abroad, while inviting fear, division, and a growing police state stripping us all of our rights here at home."