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Privileged Groups

Israel / Jew / Judaism

Criticize Israel (a political state) and you'll be called an anti-Semite.
Criticize the tribe of humans called Jews and you'll be called an anti-Semite.
Question the official narrative of a nebulous event called the holocaust and you'll be called both a holocaust denier and an anti-Semite.

People actually lose their jobs (careers) for having the audacity to question historical events, political states and political policies, racial origins and behaviors and religious philosophies, doctrines and texts associated with Israel, Jews and Judaism. What other political nations, races, religions or historical events are forbidden to critize and question?

What's the purpose behind this people, their political state, their alleged history and their religion becoming a sacred cow? Did we vote for this? Or is this a clear example of 'official' government and social establishment of a privileged class, a state religion and mandatory loyalty to a group-think?

There's a chat room where the word 'jew' is banned. If the word 'jew' is posted to the chat, the word 'jew' is replaced with 'squirrel.' The word can be inserted into chat if obfuscated, as an example, by separating the letters with dashes like this, 'j-e-w,' which renders the ban meaningless. What other words are banned? Go to the Revolution Radio chat room and find out by entering your test words.

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Aliens are being treated as a privilged group. Add news ...

Homosexuals, Gender-benders

Homosexuals and gender-benders are being treated as privilged groups. Add news ...